Hot Melt Adhesive Granules

There are two main types of industrial hot melt adhesives: ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA) and polyolefin. EVA is a copolymer adhesive, most commonly used in the paper, packaging, and assembly industries, as they bond to a variety of cellulosic materials and have a wide range of formulation. The composition of the adhesive will directly influence its properties. Because they can be specifically formulated for various applications, there are several kinds available on the market.

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EVA Hot Melt Adhesive

Although EVA adhesives vary in properties depending on their specific formulations, in general, they bond to the broadest range of substrates, function in one of the widest temperature range for hot melt adhesives, and, on top of everything else, are the most affordable. EVA hot melt adhesives generally require an application, or melting temperature of 350 degrees F, and have a wide viscosity range of between 900-3,000 cPs.


Packaging, mattress(pockst spring), edgebanding


No volatile solvents

Fast adhesion

Approx. 2 second

Relatively cheap

Reduce manufacturing cost

For vary materials

Such as glass, cardboard, wood

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Polyolefin Hot Melt Adhesive

Polyolefin base (PO) melt hotmelts are generally known because they offer advantages over standard EVA hotmelts such as better thermostability and a wider bonding range. A polyolefin hotmelt in general also offers a higher temperature resistance and a more flexible glue connection with cold properties. Depending on the composition of the hot melt, it is possible to vary in viscosity, open time and adhesion properties. PO hot melts with a long open time can also be used for spraying adhesives.


Packaging(deep frozen, coated box)

mattress pocket spring(no odor)

Wider application range

Better deal with complex bonding materials

Low temperature resistance

Resist -20 °C low temperature detection

No odor

More environmentally friendly and healthy

Less usage

Reduce usage by 20% compared to EVA

Our Hot Melt Adhesives


Package Adhesives

Designed for packaging industry applications, such as carton, paper bag, box, featured with fast melting, good fluidity, good heat resistance.

Type: WJ-466, WJ-483. WJ-630p

Bookbinding Adhesives

Designed for seamless binding for magazine, periodicals, catalogs, hard copy album and more. Including Back Glue and Side Glue.

Type: WJ-2416, WJ-7340, WJ-7360

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Mattress Adhesives

Designed for non woven pocket spring units, featured with low viscosity, high peel strength, low odor, etc.

Type: WJ-418, WJ-614p

Edgebanding Adhesives

Designed for bonding thermoplastic edgebands (e.g. ABS, PP, PVC), edgebands made of resinated decor paper or veneer.

Type: WJ-4692, WJ-4682

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